Leftists Harass and Threaten Conservatives on University Campus

Unhinged violent Leftists at Binghamton University, NY in typical fashion ganged up on 3 conservatives with Turning Point USA. What was the crime that justified being harassed and threatened? A table with stickers, pins, posters of pro-conservative and Pres Trump material. If it wasn’t clear in the past it should be now that the Left despises the Constitution. They hate it because it allows people they disagree with to have a voice in public, so they gang up to silence them.

What you have here are bullies, who do this because they’ve seen videos of others harassing, intimidating and assaulting conservatives never having to face the consequences. Why? Because conservs always take a step back, turning other cheek. That mentality has emboldened the unhinged violent Left to do what you see in this video on campuses as well as the streets of America.

Videos like this are becoming all too common and frequent. Are you tired of this shit yet?

Leftists aren’t to blame either, they’re like wild animals, they’re only doing what comes natural to them. It’s YOUR fault when they trash your table or booth, tear up your signs and you just stand there taking it, smiling while recording them. It’s YOUR fault when they take the MAGA hat off your head, steal your US Flag proceed to burn it, rip your shirt, while you scream at them quickly backing off. It’s YOUR fault when they spit or throw things on you and your response is to stand there in disbelief hoping someone caught it on video or a cop saw it. IT’S YOUR FAULT BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT FIGHTING BACK! That’s why Leftists do this to conservs across the US they know you won’t fight back because you think the Clark Kent approach of being prim and proper still works…

What these Leftists are doing conservatives need to do right back at them. You need to surround them. You need to scream in their faces, tell them to pack their shit up. Here’s why, they never had anyone fight back. They’re used to people backing down – DON’T DO IT.

“They will hit me” Let them, call the cops because they WILL go to jail. And if you know self-defense, you can put them in their place! If you’re not prepared to go to jail yourself then you shouldn’t be setting up “camp” in the middle of enemy territory thinking they’ll allow you when you damn well know this is the shit they pull!

What conservative activists need to understand is what you’re doing now is insane. You keep doing the same things over and over again expecting a different outcome. They’re never going to stop this mob mentality until it’s done to them 10X bigger and harder!

Call the cops on them as early as possible, or have security with you if you don’t want to engage them. Press charges, even if it seems petty. FILE LAWSUITS! They do it all the time, but you rarely hear about conservs taking Leftists to court. You HAVE TO FIGHT BACK, stop this nonsense of “we’ll beat them at the polls” or holding your chin up that you’re better than them. (Go watch the Superman vid again to “get it”)

Yes, a fight is coming. It has to, things have gotten way out of control because Leftists were never put in their place so the order of things needs to be reset whether you want to hear it or not.