Stacey Abrams: The Electoral College is Racist and Classist


The self-proclaimed Gov of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, is taking her delusions of grandeur to new levels and doing what democrats do when can’t win by pulling the race card. Sit back and watch as Abrams says the Electoral College is racist and classist, delivering revisionist history, so we should get rid of it and go to a popular vote.

If this radical unhinged Leftist and her ilk were to get their way six states (New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, California and Texas) would more or less decide an election. Curious, if the EC is racist, why does Abrams want to deny minorities in flyover America vote?

What’s really going on is the reality that the dems won’t be able to impeach Trump, nor beat him in 2020 is setting in, so why not attack our FAIR electoral system!

Recently on Dancing With the Stars fmr WH Press Sec Sean Spicer was advancing regardless of his poor scoring from the judges. No one could figure it out, nor could the judges and people (Leftists) were pretty livid over it. What you had there was a perfect example of how a popular vote can backfire! It would’ve been nice if he made it through winning the contest because the difference between popular vote vs electoral would’ve been made clear, even to the densest skulls. The only reason the Left wants popular vote is because they control most of the states with the highest number of EC votes. The popular vote is mob rule, which the EC is designed to suppress, but it still exists at the state level!

For the US to go to the popular vote would be committing national suicide, and that goes for either side of the aisle. If dems ever get majority power again you can be sure they will try to change our electoral system. They hate that Bush won in 2000 and of course Trump crushing Hillary in 2016. You can bet this time next year they will be insanely unhinged calling for an end to the EC, going so far as to challenge the 2020 results.