Dems #3 Witness Has NO Evidence of Any Criminal Activity by Pres Trump


Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is the democrats #3 witness called up to testify in their impeachment witch hunt against Pres Trump. After all the smoke and mirrors, over hours of Q&A, GOP Rep Chris Stewart asked the questions that actually mattered as to whether or not Pres Trump actually committed a crime. When you’re prosecuting someone you normally want to call a witness to testify who will deliver evidence of wrongdoing. As you’ll see in this clip Yovanovitch, who has problems of her own*, had nothing to say….

On Wednesday we heard from US Amb to UKR Bill Taylor and deputy assistant secretary of State George Kent who both testified they had no firsthand knowledge of any wrongdoing by Trump nothing impeachable.

You would think after the embarrassment of their 3 top witnesses having nothing against Trump the dems would stop this farce of a trial, but no more hearings are scheduled for next week. Not liking him, being critical of the language he uses and whining about his tweets and being mean are not grounds to bring the nations business to a halt to hold impeachment hearings.

The democrat confederacy is out of control. If this circus isn’t enough to scare sane dem voters away from the party then nothing is. How anyone in their right mind could support this nonsense is mind-boggling but with Leftists it’s always party before country. They would rather bring this country down than except defeat and try to win in 2020 fair and square.

* Yovanovitch has a problem with keeping her story straight. Glenn Beck and his team have been doing extensive work putting all the puzzle pieces together. They just don’t have theories, they have documentation to back up the theories, especially how this woman is not being truthful…