Pelosi Says There’s Evidence of Bribery Against Pres Trump


Since Nov 2016 the democrat confederacy has been vowing to impeach Pres Trump. That is the only consistent truthful thing they’ve have been saying for the last three years. When this impeachment nonsense started it was because Trump was colluding with Russia, then he was being charged with obstruction of justice over firing Comey, they accused him of being a Russian asset, more charges of obstruction over frivolous nonsense and then Ukraine-gate hit!

After telling us for 3 years Trump was GUILTY of colluding with Russians, Pelosi and co dropped that and pivoted to claims quid pro quo with the Ukrainian President to allegedly investigate his election opponent (DNC has yet to choose said person) or he would withhold military aid, that the Ukraine wasn’t even aware of. That narrative begins to falter so then we’re told an extortion scheme and now it’s bribery.

“Bribery” doesn’t mean what Pelosi & co think it does in the Constitution. It’s not about POTUS making requests to foreign leaders in the nations interest to expose corruption. It was about POTUS being bribed, go read the Founders words in the Federalist Papers or better yet listen to Mark Levin explain it…

The Left loves to pervert the Constitution to mean what they want vs what it actually means. The do it all the time with the Second Amendment changing it’s meaning to 21st c. interpretations that the govt regulates weapons, controls the militia, and you can’t walk out the door with your weapons.

To this day Donald J Trump has not broken any laws nor been charged with a crime by anyone.

The Ukrainian President has denied he was ever pressured to do anything by this administration. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister said US Ambassador Sondland made no connection between military aid and Trump asking Zelensky to look into the Biden Crime Family.

But the dems will have the American people believe he is the most corrupt politician in US history. They are accusing him of everything they have in fact been doing in the Ukraine, Russia, middle east and countless other nations.

Confederate democrats are beyond desperate coming up with one scheme after another to remove Trump from office that has only blown up in their faces. You have to stop them in 2020 delivering a POLITICAL extermination to the democrat party.