AOC Admits Impeachment is About Stopping Trump From Being Re-Elected


Dem House Speaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the truth for once! Just as Rep Al Green was honest about the dems true intentions for impeaching Trump AOC admitted the impeachment inquiry “is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.”

That disastrous outcome, for dems, would be Trump’s re-election.

In other words what the Speaker is saying here is “we can’t beat Pres Trump fair and square so we have to impeach him”,  thus rigging the election to prevent Trump from even being on the 2020 ballot. The odds of that happening are beyond slim unless the Senate GOP are willing to commit political suicide voting to impeach. Plan B for the Left is pushing out so much disinformation among uneducated uninformed voters so they’ll think Trump has in fact done something wrong, creating just enough doubt to have them vote dem or keep them from voting for Trump or voting all together.

This impeachment fiasco is part of the dems 2020 campaign strategy, they’re not serious about actually impeaching Trump. They know they don’t have the votes, let alone a crime to pin on Trump to get him out of office. This is all propaganda, posturing and manipulation of voters.