Rep Al Green Declares Constitutional Crisis as He Demands Trump’s Impeachment


Collusion delusion has been completely destroyed, and democrats dream of charging Pres Trump with obstruction have fizzled, but that’s not stopping some democrats, like Rep Al Green, from demanding Trump’s impeachment. Green is living in a world of denial declaring there’s a Constitutional Crisis and believing Trump can be impeached regardless of what the Muller Report produced.

As you listen to Green whine about Comey’s firing keep in mind it is within POTUS’ power to do so under Article II, not to mention Comey himself said Pres Trump had the power to do so for ANY reason. There is no Constitutional Crisis on Trump’s end, he has done nothing wrong, but this radical unhinged democrat continues to push lies on one of the very networks who pushed the democrat party’s propaganda for over 2 years! After 2+ year of an ILLEGAL investigation (a crime must be committed for Special Counsel to be appointed), $35M, 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and 500 interviews enough is enough, the President wants to move on. Green and company think his blocking subpoenas and allegedly ordering admin staff to not comply is ground for a Constitutional Crisis and his impeachment. Well Al we have bad news for you, it’s not because Trump can take a page from obama’s playbook shutting you all down with two simple words: Executive Privilege. The same executive privilege that was NEVER invoked during Mueller’s witch hunt!

We do have a Constitutional Crisis, where members of the opposing party, including those in the previous administration as well as individuals in our intelligence agencies, were engaged in a flat-out soft coup against Donald Trump. Said individuals including obama, Hillary Clinton, fmr CIA Dir John Brennan, fmr DIA Dir James Clapper, members of the media and special interest groups should be criminally investigated and brought up on charges for insurrection, sedition and rebellion (among MANY other charges).

To be quite frank, after what they attempted to do IMO the President, his family, staff, the GOP, their supporters and voters have taken what the Left did quite well. You see if this had happened to Hillary or obama the Left would literally be tearing this country apart. They would dwarf the riots we saw in Baltimore, Ferguson and other cities over the last 8+ years, taking it up a notch to actually killing people who lean Right, where those wearing MAGA hats wouldn’t get spat on but possibly shot! The Left should be thanking us for keeping our cool over accusing Trump for the crimes Hillary, DNC, obama, the media etc ACTUALLY DID that we have evidence of!

But by all means Rep Green impeach Trump, and AG Barr for that matter. Don’t wait or drag it, introduce Articles of Impeachment, hold the hearing and vote immediately – we dare you.