Ukrainian President Confirms He Didn’t Know Aid Was Paused


Ukrainian Pres Zelensky confirmed he had no knowledge military aid was held up by the US prior to his call with Pres Trump in July. The democrats have been arguing Trump was using the aid as leverage to get Zelensky to investigate the Biden’s to justify the impeachment inquiry. To date no one testifying in the impeachment inquiry has been able to support that.

As a matter of fact Ambassador Volker and Undersecretary David Hale testified it is not uncommon for the US to withhold aid.

Quid pro quo aka “bribery” for national interest is not the same as quid pro quo “bribery” for one to benefit off an energy deal. Trump’s actions are to protect America/ American tax dollars, not being engaged with corrupt govts. Biden was clearly acting to enrich he and his son. There is a clear difference the Left is deliberately leaving out of the debate.

Also if the Left is so concerned about the Ukraine getting aid (Javelin weapon systems) why didn’t they throw a fit when all obama would send them are blankets?!