Warren Vows If Elected She Will Take Down Parts of Border Wall


Elizabeth Warren said if she is President she will take down parts of the border wall that aren’t useful. WHO decides if a part of the wall is useful or not, Warren, illegal immigrant activist groups, protesters…. Soros?? It doesn’t matter it was Warren who said this because ALL the democrats on that stage, and those who support them, want open borders, they do not care about keeping America safe.

Pres Trump DID not cause this crisis, the illegals were flowing across the US border long before he came along. His cutting off aid didn’t trigger it either because that aid money was going to those countries while the people were trekking up here anyway. He cut the aid off because those countries govts are beyond corrupt not using the money the way it was intended and he doesn’t want taxpayers dollars being wasted, same reasons he used to hold up aid to the Ukraine!

348 days you will be given a choice to preserve America’s sovereignty or choose a new president who will run this country into the ground.