Woman Fired From CBS Over ABC Reporter Caught on Hot Mic DID NOT LEAK the Video!

“I’m not the whistleblower I’m sorry to ABC but the leaker’s still inside…”

Ashley Bianco was employed by ABC at the time reporter Amy Robach was caught on hot mic stating ABC News spiked her Epstein story, where she said they had EVERYTHING including information on Bill Clinton.

ABC in their brilliance chose to hunt down the leaker instead of publishing a report about a pedophile. Bianco explains she was there, made a clip of Robach but never did anything with it. ABC contacted CBS that they concluded Bianco must have been the leaker and CBS being like ABC FIRED Bianco with no explanation, not allowing her to even defend herself.

The leaker is still at ABC, as James O’Keefe posted a statement from the insider

How many more people will lose their jobs, stories about pedophiles get buried, to protect the elitists like the Clinton’s?