Swalwell: House Dems Have Evidence of “Extortion Scheme” by Trump


Failed democrat presidential candidate Eric Swalwell did his roll in the never-ending Trump witch hunt by setting the next stage with another concocted theory. He said the House dems have evidence, you know like they did about Russian collusion, obstruction of justice etc, that the President was engaged in an “extortion scheme”.

The quid pro quo is now an extortion scheme…. what will it be next week, a threat of nuclear attack? The democrats think if they keep telling these lies over and over again the American people will buy it as fact. They say Trump is guilty of a crime, they cannot name, with no evidence, even though they claim to have it. These are the same people who said this man was an agent of Russia, that they had evidence for too!

For the handful of sane democrats out there, haven’t you had enough of this? Why do you continue to stand with this party that has become fully radical, embracing conspiracy theory the likes of which Alex Jones is capable of creating YOU have condemned!? Explain that to Americans how you will, rightfully, condemn a conspiracist like Jones but allow this nonsense week after week for the last 3 years!?

Anyone who supports this bullshit is out of their minds. This IS a full blown coup d’état, and all involved are going to be held accountable someday, including the people who support them.

Trump is not going to be impeached, and even if by some act of God, the Senate voted on it he will not be removed from office. It’s never happened, dems would be wise steering clear unless you actually want an armed conflict with the people who have been buying guns, ammo and plenty of standard capacity magazines at record levels for 10 years…..