CA Man Detained by Police For EATING A SANDWICH on Train Platform


In California it’s ok to shoot-up heroine in public leaving used hazardous needless all over, including in places children can come in contact with them. People can take a shit anywhere they please too, but don’t you dare eat a sandwich on your way to work, like Steve Foster aka Bill Gluckman was doing, on a train platform otherwise you’ll get arrested!

“In a statement, BART said Mr. Foster was ‘cited for eating’ and detained for refusing to give his name but that he was not arrested.” ~ Washington Times

This is insane, but another example of what happens when you cede all legislative and law enforcement power to progressives! Go ahead and laugh at CA but what starts there eventually spreads out to the entire country.


Not sure what’s scarier the fact these SOB politicians write insane laws like you can’t be eating on a train platform, turn a blind eye to the drug users and public shitters, OR the cop(s) who enforce these terrible laws!? Granted the police have to do their jobs enforcing the laws, but in this case the cop should’ve been like “Listen I hate having to tell you this, but there’s actually a law [rolling his eyes] against eating on the platform. I know, I know it’s stupid, so do me a favor next time finish eating before you get up here, okay? Thanks I appreciate it” vs “You are resisting arrest, YOU ARE BEING DETAINED” rabble, rabble rabble. And NO in this case I do not care what words were exchanged before Gluckman’s girlfriend started recording, because had he done what was suggested here the video would be much different, they probably all be laughing.

This country is in grave danger the longer this kind of crap is going on. It’s on voters to put a stop to it, and frankly based on what just happened in the KY* and VA elections, conservative voters are just begging for democrats to take over. If you are a registered republican voter who is upset with what is going on but doesn’t vote, sit down and shut up you forfeited your right to complain!

* We know the GOP swept most of the races in KY, and Matt Bevin had major issues, but putting a democrat into the Governor seat was stupid. Apparently KY voters tried to primary Bevin and it failed, at that point they should’ve let things be vs being spiteful and vindictive allowing a dem to win. FYI geniuses Gov has to sign the bills the state reps you elected send into law,  and make appointments. You just gave that up to a democrat.   D U M B