Biden in Sept 2019: “Totally Irrational” For Law Abiding Gun Owners to Be Armed in Church


While campaigning way back in Sept 2019 at the Hawkeye Area Labor Council’s Labor Day picnic in Cedar Rapids, IA, Joe Biden fielded questions on number of issues including gun control, following a mass shooting in Odessa, TX. He called out TX Gov Gregg Abbott over signing a bill allowing law-abiding churchgoers to be able to conceal carry their weapons. Biden told the media he found it “totally irrational” over “loosening access to have guns, to be able to take them into places of worship, it’s just absolutely irrational. It’s totally irrational.”

Had it not been for Abbott signing that bill into law we would all be talking about the climbing bodycount following this attempted mass shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ. Thanks to a PATRIOT, a man reported to be a retired police officer conceal carrying, WITH ONE SHOT a monster was stopped in his tracks.

If this vid doesn’t load be advised YouTube is systematically removing vids from the shooting

Three lessons from today:
#1 There was nothing even remotely like the OK Corral carried out today, as dems have ALL fear mongered would happen if citizens are armed.
#2 This video from today’s attempted mass shooting is WHY Americans need to REMOVE ALL democrats from office. If they get their way we’ll all be left defenseless. The democrat party must be dealt a POLITICAL extermination Nov 2020.
#3 ANYONE who is working against the Second Amendment to ANY degree, even the slightest, is an Enemy Of The People and Republic.