Michael Moore Says White People Sticking With Trump Because ‘It Is a Racial Thing’

Comrade Socialist Michael Moore has got all you Trump supporters dead to rights! The only reason you all are sticking with Trump is because it’s a racial thing!

Trump’s supporters are sticking with him because of the positive direction he has taken the US after 8 years of obama’s anti-American/Christian/Constitution (to name a few) reign of terror! Race has nothing to do with why people are sticking with him, and anyone at this point pulling the race card like Moore the Hut is doing so because they have no valid arguments against his pro-America/ Economy/ Constitution etc policies. By the way there are A LOT of hispanic, asian and black Trump supporters who used to side with unhinged violent Leftists. They’re all seeing the dems for what they are – a bunch of lying, backstabbing, race hustling, greedy, opportunistic FASCISTS and TYRANTS.

You want to get back at Moore, Tingles and the rest of them? Vote Trump and straight republican down the ballot on election day.

The Hut is right about the demographic shift though… The Progressive Left is focused on the long term where the Right only sees things from a short-term perspective. Illegals are entering the country, their children are going to school thus Moore’s comment about 1st graders being predominantly hispanic. We already know how this ends, it’s on display everyday – the disastrous socialist state of California was the proving grounds for what it happening nationally. There are MILLIONS of illegals already in the US, if the wall is completed tomorrow that fact won’t change nor the demographic impact.

The Left will demand comprehensive immigration reform aka amnesty and eventually the Right will bow down to them like they always do. They could be proactive to minimize the damage, but republicans are spineless… but if they did under an aggressive President like oh I dunno DONALD TRUMP these 10 conditions are MUST in any reform plan otherwise you’re giving the country away!