AOC Says We Have “Fascism” in America

Comrade House SPEAKER Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke at a Bernie Sanders Rally in Venice, CA when an attendee said America is a fascist system, the Speaker agreed with 100%.

Look around is the US govt, under Donald Trump because let’s be honest everything is his fault now, silencing those who show dissent online or infiltrating public events to disrupt and shut them down? Is the govt seizing peoples money and gold? Is the govt sending out troops to round up political opponents and those who expose corruption? Is the govt demanding you disregard/ abandon whatever denomination of religion you follow? Is the tyrannical govt issuing laws to take aways Americans rights to self defense? Are they marking business and homes of it’s opponents so devout govt followers can show up to harass and attack the owners of said businesses and homes? Is the fascist govt rounding up minorities putting them in “work camps”?

The answer to these questions is, NO OF COURSE NOT.

Is there a party that wants to do a lot of the things listed above, or actually doing some of it now and they’re not even in power?

YES! The unhinged violent Left is attacking people over the clothing they wear, politicians they support, denial of unproven “science”. They’re silencing dissent online, they’ve started riots at universities over conservative speakers, and/ or disrupted speeches of said people. They want to seize money from the haves to give it to the have-nots WHO refuse to do anything to help themselves. The Left has attacked Christianity as well as clearly demonstrating they are the party of anti-Semitism. States under democrat control are systematically disarming law-abiding Americans while the criminals they enable remain armed to the teeth.

The US is not a fascist country but it’s on its way if AOC and these people who support her and Bernie get their way. You’ve seen the violence and intimidation from the Left, THAT IS FASCISM! Antifa = anti-fascism uses fascist tactics against anyone who opposes them.

If you’re tired of AOC and all these people, the best thing you can do is vote for Trump and GOP next year. These people need to be politically exterminated, because if they aren’t what you see happening in California, New York, Virginia and other states under one party (democrat) rules going to happen to this entire country.