Maxine Waters Snaps, Rants and Raves About Trump and Russia

It would appear TDS and the stress of trying to get Donald Trump out of office is taking its toll on Maxine Waters. The congresswoman appearing on the DNC’s media are MSNBC ranted and raved about Pres Trump and Putin, spewing more conspiracy theory.

The Mueller report didn’t do what people wanted it to do because there was nothing to be found! That of course does not stop this unhinged monster from carrying on. Trump is such an agent of Russia all his policies are hurting Putin. By the US becoming energy independent and now an energy exporter Russia has taken a major economic blow. If Trump is Putey-Pute’s puppet he’s doing a lousy job of it!

Chris Hayes knows everything Waters just said is bullshit, but he doesn’t have the balls to say it other than saying,“that’s an interesting prediction.”

If you think Maxine is wigged out now just wait and watch her when Trump gets reelected. She will be the driving force behind claims against Trump for election fraud, which ALL the dems are now laying the groundwork.

Bill O’Reilly said it right, the democrats need to get slaughtered in November!