Biden Willing Wreck US Economy, Cost American Jobs For Green Economy

Joe Biden should think before he speaks, but his quest for power and control override rational thinking. During the umpteenth democrat presidential debate he was asked if he is willing to sacrifice economic growth and cost Americans countless Blue-Collar Jobs to transition to a green economy? Without hesitation Biden answered ‘Yes’ by explaining those same blue-collar workers would be able to transition to high paying jobs!?

How?? The jobs will be eliminated, their skills no longer needed. So how will oil rig workers get high paying jobs!? Before you answer understand this about our “great unemployment” situation: Currently there are 7M jobs open that cannot be filled! Do you know why? Because there is a massive skills gap that these employer WILL NOT hire to TRAIN! People have skills but there not transferable. Go read the job openings, they will read “MUST HAVE _ years experience”, “Recent Experience” or the like requirements. Companies DO NOT want to train people. And that “recent experience” requirement is saying, ‘you might have experience in this field at one point in your job history but if you haven’t been doing it recently DON’T APPLY!’

So how in the hell will blue-collar workers in the oil and gas industry (many other will be affected too, and not just the blue collar) get “high paying jobs” in the new Green Economy!???


This is a lie especially in a time where automation is TAKING OVER. This site warned about automation years ago when the Left started their Fight for $15 campaign.

Biden doesn’t believe in this climate change nonsense but he knows the people whose votes he needs does, he’s telling them what they want to hear regardless of the damage it will do to the US. Wind and solar cannot meet the power needs of this country., it’s T Boone Pickens abandoned his wind farm plans when reality hit that such a project wouldn’t be able to power a small city. Yes, the economy is doing better but there are still millions of Americans looking for work, living paycheck-to-paycheck, barely getting by. Joe, and really every democrat candidate running on that stage, is willing to put you out of work, cede economic power to countries Trump has taken it back from!