O’Reilly: I Am Praying the Democratic Party Gets Slaughtered Next November


He never thought he would ever say it, but Bill O’Reilly has said what many Americans are saying. The democrats are out of control taking things way too far and he’s praying the get slaughtered in the 2020 election.

Slaughtered, POLITICAL extermination, call it whatever you want but these people are incredibly unhinged like a caged rabid animal making them a threat to all of us. They do not care if they are violating the Constitution they claim to uphold, or calling for their opposition to be harassed and intimidated. These people are willing to lay half this country to waste for power and control.

Dems hold a fraction of total federal govt power and they’re drunk with it at the state level taxing the hell out of people, launching tyrannical gun control laws (threatening to use National Guard to enforce), offering sanctuary cities for illegal aliens! Speaking of which dems say “no one is above the law”, yet they ignore every immigration law on the books going so far as to issue drivers licenses to illegals YOU KNOW will be used for voting!

O’Reilly should not be apologizing, the democrats are driving this country into the ground with the power they currently hold. If they’re not stopped in 2020 God only knows the chaos they’ll cause if not actual armed conflict!