‘Meathead’ Tells Impeachment Rally Attendees Trump Will Be Removed From Office


Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner is making promises he, like the democrat party, can’t keep. Speaking at an impeachment rally in Los Angeles, where he probably had to dodge drug needles and poo, the unhinged violent Leftist told attendees Trump would be impeached and removed from office. There’s just one problem… no President has ever been impeached and removed from office, especially one who hasn’t even committed a crime!

What crime did Pres Trump commit? Don’t ask any of these idgits they’ll say he’s guilty of colluding with Russia, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. None of these are actual crimes! There are no laws on the books for any of them but don’t say that to these monsters they’ll rip your face off for telling the truth.

In all seriousness Reiner is throwing gasoline on a fire by telling people who are already on edge, with violent tendencies, something that will never happen. WHEN Trump is acquitted, the vote against him fails what are these monsters going to do? We talk about how they’ll react after the election but how about the very near future? They’re going to be as violent, just as they’ve been towards anyone who wears a Trump hat or shows any sign they’re not walking in lockstep with the Left. Keep in mind this is the same city that was set a blaze when the police who beat Rodney King were cut loose! What do you think they’ll do when word hits that Trump has not been impeached nor removed from office!?

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, but those of you who are conservative trapped in CA might want to be extra careful.