GOP Rep Steve King DESTROYED House Dems Over “Largest and Most Massive Cover-up”


Steve King (IA) went on the House floor to defend the President condemning the democrats for introducing Articles of Impeachment which is “largest and most massive cover-up of such a list of crimes against our country” to remove Trump from office for crimes Joe Biden has committed!!

“You’re accusing Donald Trump of doing that which Joe Biden has confessed to doing! And by the way, Joe Biden was not the opponent of Donald Trump. He’s in a 21 way primary for democ- he’s running third in that race! His opponents are the other 20 Democrats. How would anybody dig into that mess of 21 people and decide he’s going to go overseas and pull some maneuver like this? You have to assign him a motive. You assign him a motive, then you create the dots, then you go dot to dot. But the reality is that it was Biden who was doing the extortion out of power play in order to protect his own son. And it was Donald Trump who was following the law….”

Yea King has had his share of issues over the last year, but nothing he said here today is incorrect. The democrats are covering up Biden’s corruption, which is also their corruption. If the truth ever gets out about the Ukraine maybe will know whose pockets the $7,400,000,000+ in aid that’s gone MIA ended up in!!