Trump Supporter Confronts Adam Schiff, Reads Him His Miranda Rights!!


Trump supporters are doing their part to let Adam Schiff know they’re not putting up with his lies and his abuse of power. We saw it just a few days ago in CA during a town hall event, and today Ben Bergquam with America’s Voice News confronted the corrupt Congressman and asked him what his plans will be once his attempt remove Trump from office fails!?

As Schiffty blew Bergquam off saying he didn’t have time to talk Ben then asked what his plan will be when he’s charged with treason and he proceeded to read the corrupt Congressman his Miranda Rights!

Schiff and his party think this is all a joke, but it’s not. There is real corruption going on in the Ukraine these SOB’s in Congress are directly connected to. BILLIONS of US taxpayers money that went over there in aid has gone missing. Some of it has obviously ended up back in the Biden Crime Family’s coffers, but there are others involved too. That is why the dems acted so quickly when Pres Trump asked UKR Pres Zelensky to look into the corruption. They want to shut it all down, but it won’t now that so many eyes are on it.

While it’s not smart to have all your eggs in one basket, the Durham investigation could very well blow this all apart where maybe just maybe Schiff and co will be having the Miranda Rights read to them by US Marshals!