Pelosi Throws Impeachment Into Confusion, Withholds Articles From Senate Until They Meet Her Demands!


The House democrats have voted to impeach Pres Trump. In normal circumstances the Articles of Impeachment would be sent to the Senate where they will hold a trial. BUT, Nancy Pelosi has thrown a wrench in the works, by threatening to withhold the Articles from the Senate, get this, unless they follow her demands!!

It would appear the wrong person/ people were impeached tonight on grounds of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. Pelosi can’t pick the managers until she sees the arena!? The arena is the US Senate! Look at her, she’s out of it, way out of her league and the dementia med levels are probably getting low, wearing off! Nadler and Engel have this lost clueless look on their faces over what this woman is doing.

The House doesn’t not dictate to the Senate, but that is exactly what SPOKESWOMAN Pelosi is saying here. Go ahead hold the trial up, no one cares, it’s DOA.

Take note of something this site has pointed out countless times and really let it set in:

You are witnessing how out of control the democrats have become by holding 1/2 of 1/3 of total federal govt power. You’re seeing it play out in California, New York, and Virginia. Wherever dems have power they have gone completely out of control ABUSING that power. Now imagine what they will do if they ever get super majority power at the federal level. They WILL bulldoze over this entire country at breathtaking speed – what they’re doing in VA alone is proof of that.