Trump Supporters Disrupt Adam Schiff Town Hall Meeting

Oh no 😏, democrats got a little dose of their own medicine! A group of Trump supporters infiltrated Adam Schiff’s town hall meeting, about the House recognizing the Armenian Genocide, causing chaos as they called the disgraced Congressman out over his sham impeachment witch hunt against Pres Trump. As Schiffty spoke Trump supporters began calling him a liar and one man repeatedly screams out that he is a traitor! As you would expect chaos ensued and dems showing their true darkside.

You see it’s okay for them to disrupt town halls but no one can do it to any of theirs.

Schiff supporters are quite twisted and devout because unlike Trump supporters who chant “USA, USA” to muffle out protesters, these people chant “Adam, Adam”! This just goes to show that their allegiance is to man/party where as Trump supporters care about country – a country Trump vows to protect and defend.

This is how things are going to go over the next year. Rallies and town halls getting heated by infiltrators unless they do some kind of screening of attendees beforehand. You can be sure both sides will do their best to disrupt the other sides events. While this event got a little heated, it wasn’t physical, but fists will begin to fly the closer we get to the election, hell dems have been physically attacking Trump supporters since 2015!

A NASTY fight is coming folks, prepare for the worst but hope for the best.