Comey Admits He “Was Wrong”, FBI Gave FISA Court False Information


James Comey should be under criminal federal investigation now that he has admitted on live national television that he “was wrong” and that the FBI gave the FISA court false information. And understand this, at the time when Comey was the Director HE IS/WAS THE FBI! This witch hunt against Pres Trump happened under his watch, his direction or he was incredibly incompetent to not know what people directly under him were doing. His passing the buck doesn’t hold water on such a serious investigation. Remember The Lovers texted each other “obama wants to know everything” they were doing. If obama wanted to everything there’s no doubt this JERK, THE Director of the FBI, was in the loop too.

These weren’t rogue, low-level agents carrying out a coup d’├ętat against Trump either, these are officials in the upper echelon of the FBI and DOJ literally trying to remove Trump from office with propaganda sourced from Russia paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC! Comey knew the FISA court was given false information because he signed off on it! Many expected Fox’s Chris Wallace to give a softball interview but he did okay holding Comey to the fire, “You were in charge during a lot of this, Sir, and in fact you signed the FISA applications!”

The ball is now in US Attorney John Durham’s court, since Lindsey Graham has doubled down he will not call coup conspirators in to testify. He and McConnell want to end things quick, so if Durham does not bring criminal charges against Comey and the others this country is done, elites will continue to get away with crimes.