Waters Spreads Unhinged Conspiracies On CNN: “I Don’t Have The Facts To Prove It”


The democrats are getting more desperate by the day as they realize Americans aren’t buying their lies anymore about President Trump. Maxine Waters who has been leading the impeachment charge as well as calling for unhinged violent Leftists to go after opposition is now making shit up about Trump. Admitting she has no proof Wiggy Waters carried on for 2 minutes unchallenged by CNN is Fiction’s* Erin Burnett that the President is working with Putin.

This monster wants viewers to believe Putin helped Trump get elected so the Pres would remove sanctions against Russia over their invasion of Crimea. “Reading between the lines” Waters is in fact suggesting a quid pro quo, again with no proof.

Waters is desperate to stay relevant but all nonsense like this will do is cause more democrats to defect and vote for Pres Trump, and in many cases WALK AWAY from the democrat party completely as Rep Jeff Van Drew is preparing to do. Let them push the nonsense, lies and conspiracies it will make a 2020 victory much easier. But that will take your help to ensure Trump wins a historic election, do not assume he has his second term locked up. That kind of complacent thinking is what causes voters to stay home, instead assume Trump is in the fight of his life and yours!

*CNN is NOT fake news they’re Fiction. To call them a news network would suggest they report something factual and news worthy. They produce fiction, bad faction no one would even watch at 3am on some local cable access channel, this clip of Waters is proof!