Ocasio-Cortez Says We Need “Guaranteed Universality” For Things People Depend On


Apparently House Speaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has moved on from her “public goods” statement to now calling things people depend on “guaranteed universality”…🙄

The bartended extraordinaire has no plan to sustain at least $15/hr min wage, public housing, medicare for all but she wants supporters to understand these things should be guaranteed by govt. The govt doesn’t produce any product or service, it takes in taxes to pay for all the free stuff she calls guaranteed universality. That means YOU the taxpayer, more specifically middle class, will be burdened with footing the bill for all this free stuff AOC and the Leftist radicals are promising their supporters and potential voters. They prey on the uninformed and lazy for power.

Btw who in the hell came up with this because it sounds galactically stupid? Do these Leftist hold focus groups on every narrative they push to see what words/ phrases work or not? It will also be galactically stupid if registered republicans do not get out to vote in 2020 at record.. HISTORIC numbers to put an end to these monsters. Britain did it, it’s time for the US to turn long time blue districts red.