AOC: Handouts, Entitlements and Free Stuff Will Now Be Called “Public Goods”


Democrat House Speaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke to a group of supporters, indoctrinating them on the new language she wants them to use when referring to tax payer funded handouts, entitlements and free stuff she and her party are campaigning on. From now on she wants people to call taxpayer (aka YOU) funded subsidies, “public goods”!

Aside from changing the lexicon she is telling these people the free stuff (please keep saying this since she doesn’t want to hear it) is public domain they have right to, as she agreed with someone saying “human right“. It’s one thing for govt to provide/subsidize libraries, roads, schools but now the Speaker is taking it a further by suggesting housing too. She is pushing the envelope thus why liberals are pushing back, they know all this free stuff will be on their backs to provide eventually too once AOC, Warren, Sanders and their ilk break the back of the super rich with taxes to pay for it all.