Fmr Trump Counsel Ordered to Testify by Obama Appointed Fed Judge


US District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, appointed by barack hussein milhous benito obama in 2013*, has ordered fmr Trump counsel Don McGahn to must testify before the House Judiciary Cmte. In her opinion Jackson ruled that McGahn is not immune from testifying as the DOJ and Pres Trump’s admin argued.

Eric Holder and other obama regime members were protected under Executive Privilege, which was not invoked for McGahn but it can be. Why that wasn’t done in the beginning is unknown, although Trump did allow McGahn to testify in the Mueller investigation to show the admins transparency.

What is troublesome is we have another federal judge overriding the Executive Branch to set new precedent. Jackson claims in her opinion there are no kings, but her actions and those of many other federal judges says otherwise. The democrats are constantly running to, mostly, obama appointed judges to override Trump’s orders, the majority are orders invoking laws on the books. If anyone is acting like a king, queen it is Jackson and Co constantly going against the admin.


* This site repeatedly warned GOP/conserv voters in 2012 to suck it up and vote for Mitt Romney (yea we know he sucked) because aside from getting obama out, voting for Romney was about ending obama’s stacking the courts with radical judges. This ruling like many more is what happens when voters are spiteful choosing to sit home election day. How many times do we have to watch the headlines about an obama appointee sticking it to the Trump admin and/ or GOP? Actions have consequences this ruling is living proof.