Sanders Will Raise Taxes on Anyone Making Over $29K to Pay For MediCare For All


Sen Bernie Sanders and the democrats have gone off about wage inequality, but it would appear those barely getting by will be paying their fair share along with the rich, Sanders and Co plan on going after to fund their takeover of the healthcare system

Under Sanders plan, they will eliminate premiums and deductibles but to pay for MediCare For All, which he says will NOT be free, anyone making over $29K a year will be hit with a 4% tax! If you make $60, then only $31K will get hit with the tax and through this he believes it will cover the expenses to provide MediCare For ALL 330+M Americans….. and illegals, and whoever else shows up! This is the same guy who has never held a job, let alone run a business in his entire life. This is the same guy whose wife ran a college (remember they want free college like healthcare) into the ground, BUT they’ll work economic magic taking over the healthcare system.

At least the commie is honest that it isn’t free…

Go ask veterans what they think of the VA system because that is govt controlled healthcare. Some you might not be able to ask because they died waiting for care….

Just say NO to socialism people, it never worked. If it did in the UK for example Mick Jagger wouldn’t have come to the US for a heart procedure!! People in Canada come to the US all the time for medical treatment because of the long waiting times there too!