Giuliani Will Expose “Pay-For-Play Scheme” Under “Obama Admin That Will Be Devastating to Democrat Party”


The President’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, gave an exclusive interview to Fox News’ Ed Henry, putting all his cards on the table sending a clear message to the Deep State and the corrupt Democrat Party all hell is about to break loose.

You can say a lot of things about Giuliani, but he has taken on the mafia and beat them. This statement and what he said on Fox was smart, because now people know if anything should happen to him we know who was behind it.

Giuliani sent a letter out earlier today to Sen Lindsey Graham requesting help to get Ukrainian witnesses visas so they can come to the US to testify, sharing their first hand knowledge of corruption and election meddling*, supported with documentation and recordings. The dems are hell-bent to keep anyone who may destroy their narrative from speaking. Frankly, Giuliani had better get hard copies of everything they have, do video recorded interviews with them all, making copies of copies, because people who have dirt on democrats tend to have accidents or hang themselves in jail!

* For some unknown reason NO ONE in the GOP or on the President’s legal team have brought up the fact that 2 Ukrainians were indicted, prosecuted and now in jail for meddling in the 2016 US election. (Maybe because Manafort wounds?)

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