Dems Forgot to Change House Rule Opening Door For GOP to Call Witnesses


When the democrats took power of the House they were quick to start changing rules that govern policy and procedure, including those within the many committees. In their quest for power and glory, to go after President Trump denying him due process, they forgot to change one!

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted out a letter sent by Rep Devin Nunes the other GOP members of the House Intel Cmte informing Schiff the minority has a right and will be calling witnesses to testify!

While the House rule does allow the minority to call their own witnesses, there’s still a problem for them. Schiff has the power to schedule the hearing… Does anyone really believe Adam Schiff will allow Nunes and co to call in those on their wish list especially Hunter Biden, Alexandra Chalupa, anyone from the Ukraine with first hand knowledge, the mysterious whistleblower or even Schiff!!? Don’t hold you breath.

The last 2 weeks were disastrous for the dems, their witnesses produced no actual evidence of wrongdoing, just speculation and feelings. None of that will stop them from moving forward to impeach Pres Trump who actually wants a hearing in the Senate! He knows it’s the only way the people on the GOP’s witness wish list will ever be questioned and those responsible for this attack will ever be held accountable. He’s probably right but he risks some spineless GOP members in the Senate voting against him!