Jayapal: Trump ‘Trying to Use the Court System’ is ‘Obstruction of Justice’


The desperation of the Left is now hitting critical mass levels. Rep Pramila Jayapal, reiterating SPOKESWOMAN Pelosi’s opinion, that the President of the United States is engaged in obstruction of justice when he challenges with the socialist party’s demands/ subpoenas, by taking them to court.

Listen to what the monster is saying, because this doesn’t just apply to Pres Trump, she’s saying if you take something to court and your opposition is upset with you for challenging them YOU are engaged with obstruction of justice!

How dare Pres Trump not cooperate with the unhinged violent Left’s coup!

Curious, when Trump enforces the laws on the books, say on immigration, that enrages the Left making them run to a liberal leaning federal court to overturn, because feelings, are they not obstructing justice too!?

The pure hate these people have for this man is off the charts. There is nothing he can do they won’t find a way to demonize or really criminalize! They don’t care about the voters they just want to remove him from office regardless of the damage they’re doing. Please vote next year and bring 10 people to vote for Trump and conservatives, we must politically exterminate the democrat party. They can never be permitted to hold power ever again.