Warren Will “Get Rid of” Electoral College Before Second Term!

Elizabeth Warren is quite confident she will not only win the 2020 election but by the time the 2024 election rolls around she plans to be elected via popular/ direct vote! She is making it clear that during her first term she will have 2/3’s of Congress and the States ratify an amendment to apparently eliminate the Electoral College!

This is pure fantasy but make no mistake while it’s Fauxahontas saying it everyone running on the dem ticket (Biden, Harris, Steyer, Bloomberg, Yang, Buttigieg, Sanders, whoever jumps in at this point) agrees 100% with her. Warren has now planted the seed for whoever gets the DNC nomination, and if by some act of god, to do everything in their power to remove the one thing that sets this Republic apart from any other govt in the world. Countless nations have come under the rule of hardcore progressives, tyrants and dictators who have wrecked their great countries because the mob managed to get power.

If you love America, as these Leftists claim, then why is everything in your campaign platform designed to destroy America??

All you need to understand is direct/ popular vote = mob rule.

If you want the lunatics running around throwing fits over people not using the correct pronouns, telling us which bathroom to use, saying it’s okay for boys and girls CHILDREN to use the same bathroom and shower in school, or calling for your weapons to be confiscated to run the country then by all means support the Left in 2020.