Biden: Trump is ‘Scared to Death to Run Against Me’


Joe Biden is truly living in a delusional world if he thinks Pres Trump is ‘scared to death’ to run against him.

As Biden talks about how he and his son are being attacked, you might be wondering why the media isn’t addressing it? Joe can’t deny that the payoffs didn’t happen and that something shady was going on no matter how many excuses he comes up with his family has made out like bandits. The reason why is because he sent a memo out to all the media more or less telling them what they can and can’t say about him!

The only person that’s scared is Joe. He talks tough to voters hoping to win over because many are siding with┬áBernie, who apparently leading the dem field! Doesn’t matter who the nominee is, Trump welcomes going up against any of them. He will wreck them on what he has actually accomplished vs their pie in the sky agenda that will collapse our economy and drive the nation into the ground.