CNN Host Issues Non-Apology Apology After Mocking Trump Supporters


Don Lemon issued a non-apology apology following his panel mocking Pres Trump and his supporters. Lemon wants America to know he was “laughing at the joke not the people”…. the joke(s) are about the people, ie YOU!

Just like in the video from 2 nights ago where Lemon laughed his butt off because you’re all stupid, here he is again proving he believes that with this bullshit apology! He thinks you’re so stupid you won’t see that the jokes he’s laughing at are the jokes and mockery about YOU!

You see the Left hates you so much they can’t even issue an honest apology. Lemon is last person to expect an apology from since he has a long history of giving his blessing to antifa, bullies and general hate towards white men!

Said it before will say it again, the damage the Left has done is unforgivable. There is NO apology they can issue to undo the permanent damage they’ve done to this country. There is NO coming back from what they’ve done.

You want to get back at this elitist racist (Yes HE IS)? Vote for Donald Trump this November, and straight down the ballot for all GOP candidates.