Fmr ICE Dir: AOC is Making ICE’s Job ‘More Dangerous’


Fmr ICE Dir Tom Homan blasted dem House Speaker AOC over her constant attacks against ICE and CBP, demonizing them for upholding America’s immigration laws and telling people how to obstruct federal officers. AOC, Sanders and the majority of the democrat party are incredibly radical and as Homan rightly says making the agencies job ‘more dangerous’.

These aren’t jaywalkers ICE agents go after, they’re MS-13 MONSTERS, rapists, killers, pedophiles and other degenerates who shouldn’t be here. What AOC and others are doing is criminal in nature as it is a federal crime to aid illegal aliens, which is what they’re doing when they tell people how to obstruct ICE.

What exactly will happen to the US if AOC and Sanders get their way abolishing ICE and CBP? Listen to Homan run through the stats off the top of his head. Those criminals will be able to walk America’s streets without any fear. At least now they hide in many parts of the country, but if you remove these agencies the violence will spike. And take note, AOC, Sanders nor any democrat for that matter, is offering a replacement if they got their way!

Democrats are dangerous they do not care about the danger they put Americans under, so long as they get the political points they need for power and control.