Schiff 2005: John Bolton Had a “Lack of Credibility”


Adam Schiff who ran the House Intel Cmte’s impeachment hearing chose not to subpoena John Bolton to testify. Now that the trial is in front of the Senate, Schiff and co are demanding more witnesses including Bolton, because they didn’t do their jobs in the House. They screwed up and want the Senate to finish doing their deep-sea fishing expedition to try to find anything to remove Pres Trump from office.

If John Bolton is such an important witness then why did Schiff say he had a “lack of credibility” in 2005?

Keep in mind this is the same John Bolton who told Judge Napolitano in 2010 he would lie “to protect American national security, I would do it.” Keep in mind his lies would be based on what he thinks, so if he THINKS Trump is a national security risk would he lie!? Angry employees who got fired and burned by their employer tend to not tell the truth…

Bolton has wrecked his own credibility and integrity with the release of his manuscript at the 11th hour; this was no leak or accident, it was planned. No one is buying this, it’s the same game that was played against Judge Kavanaugh.

Schiff knows he screwed this all up not calling the witnesses dems wanted to use. “Well it would take too long in the courts, which is why we have to impeach Trump now” is what you’ll hear. For the record the courts haven’t dragged challenges to Trump out, they jump at the opportunity to screw him over, especially on issues of immigration!

This coup d’état is on it’s final days, what you’re seeing is last ditch effort to save face, create campaign propaganda to attack GOP senators up for re-election. If dems can’t impeach and remove Trump they’ll try to hold power in the House and take the Senate to force him AND Pence out in 2021.