CNN Panel Mocks Pres Trump and His Supporters


Wajahat Ali, Don Lemon, and Rick Wilson ARE a representation of ALL Leftists, media and NeverTrump. After being triggered by Sec Pompeo justified criticism of NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly, over her claims he cursed at her and asked her to point to Ukraine on a map, the three mocked Pres Trump and YOU his supporters.

They HATE YOU, just listen to them mock you and the President. They think you’re stupid, you shouldn’t be choosing the President as Rep Schiff made clear during his impeachment hearing speech. And then they whine for all the hate they get thrown back at them. Well they deserve it at this point, knowing they’re going out of their way to widen the permanent divide in America.

There’s no coming back from any of this. No apology of any kind will undo the damage that has been done. The Left can take their “I’m sorry, we took it too far.. Got carried away… please forgive..” and shove it. NONE of their apologies will undo damage that has been done.

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