Katie Pavlich Triggered and Set Chris Wallace Straight on Impeachment


Trump truly is the gift that keeps on giving, as the RATS in media like Chris Wallace cannot contain their contempt for him as they’re always on the attack while claiming to be neutral. Katie Pavlich was making some facts known about how the House dems rushed impeachment which triggered Chris Wallace, to the degree of accusing her of not being truthful. After he gave his two cents she fired back setting him straight the House during the Clinton impeachment had their ducks in a row unlike the dems today.

Dems had the chance to call witnesses but Speaker AOC was too much in a hurry to impeach Trump forcing Spokeswoman Pelosi to move on impeachment half-assed through scam artist extraordinaire Adam Schiff. The House dems, all of media and Left want the Senate to do what the House didn’t do, by allowing additional witnesses (Bolton) and info all of which conveniently appeared now!

This last minute “new evidence” angle was used by the Left when they went after Justice Kavanaugh.