Biden: “We Don’t Need Standing Armies”


Dem presidential candidates Senators Warren, Sanders, Klobuchar might be a little stressed that they’re tied up in the impeachment trial for the next couple of weeks, but they don’t have anything to worry about! Joe Biden is living up to one of his many nicknames, Crazy Uncle Joe, as he told voters in Ft Dodge, IA “we don’t need standing armies” in the age of cyber warfare!

This guy has an open road in front of him campaign wise with the other candidates (he, Warren & Sanders are ranked top 3/NYT ) tied up in the Senate and he screws it up saying some of the stupidest things possible.

No we don’t need a standing army in the age of cyber warfare, because after our enemies knock out whatever the target is via cyber, they wont do anything else. I mean once you blind and silence your enemy you wouldn’t invade going for their jugular!🙄

No we don’t need a standing army under democrat control because we know they’ll follow the model past dem Presidents have been using for decades allowing our enemies to walk all over us. Clinton and obama did major cutbacks to the military and it did hurt us. Joe wants to take it to the next level and have nothing standing between the US and our enemies. Airpower, missiles, drones of all sorts, are capable of getting the job done, but many times you need troops to go in and do the real hard work, dealing with the cockroaches who like to hide in schools, churches, hospitals, caves and what not.

This statement should disqualify Biden from becoming the DNC nominee but knowing how the Left works, how they despise the military, it could put him on top!