Thousands of “Migrants” DEMAND Entry Into Mexico to Reach the US!


A massive caravan of “migrants” from Central America and parts unknown have been stopped (for the time being) by Mexican security forces at the Mexico-Guatemala border. These people got into physical altercations with Mexican security forces while having the audacity to demand entry into the country so they could make their way to the US!

First off, these people are NOT “migrants”. They are as much illegal aliens to Mexico as they are to the US. They are clearly demonstrating they have NO RESPECT for a nations sovereignty, so framing them as good law-abiding people is out the window.

If their country is such a disaster then they should fight and restore it vs running away. America had it’s revolution over a tyrant, it’s these people’s turn to do the same to wherever they came from. All US aid should be cut off from them as well since it’s obviously not getting to the people. And if they’re truly looking for work then they should take up Mexico’s offer for jobs.

Who is telling these illegal aliens to come to America, knowing Trump’s policy on the border, to the degree these people have the balls to make demands to be granted entry so they can violate another country’s border? This is not natural, someone is telling these people to go. This is organized and it’s most likely the same groups based in the US and the UN, reported last year, who are behind it.

Yes the wall is going up, but these illegals are still coming to the US in mass. The democrats are hell-bent on allowing them in by running to one liberal federal judge after another to stop Trump. If they get power in Nov, caravans like this entering the US will be a daily occurrence so dems can change America’s demographics like they did in California resulting in the economic and social disaster it is today under one party (democrat) rule.