Sanders Open to Tearing Down Existing Border Walls


National security and stopping the flow of illegal aliens into the US is clearly not a priority to communist Bernie Sanders (he’s a commie, it’s time to call him what he is). In this clip Sanders says he is open to tearing down the existing border walls and fences, so long as it makes financial sense. If he can use YOUR money to offer free stuff elsewhere he’ll do that instead.

The fact that blood thirsty, murderous cartels are operating right across the border trafficking people, weapons, drugs, sex slaves (incl underage), and working should-to-shoulder with terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah is a non-issue to this commie. If anything this just goes to prove to the doubters he is in favor of open borders. He wants illegals here because they provide cheap labor that will work perfectly in his dream of a communist run govt.

This man is a monster, who has monsters working for his campaign across the country. We already have two examples of the types of people who support him, both calling for opposition to go to gulags and violent revolution. Why Americans can’t see the threat this old man poses on the country is disturbing!