AOC Upset Police Were NOT Out in Riot Gear at Richmond, VA Gun Rally


Poor democrat House Speaker AOC is not a happy camper over the low numbers of police, let alone those in riot gear, at the Richmond, VA gun rally! She seems bothered over the unfair treatment her Leftists thugs get vs how, an estimated 16K, armed Americans were handled today.

Well AOC here’s why police weren’t in riot gear – it probably has something to do with the fact that when conservatives, republicans and libertarians get together they don’t trash CVS’s, Starbuck’s and other local business, while setting fire to anything they can possibly think of. They never throw bottles and other projectiles at police and onlookers. They don’t attack reporters from opposing news media, to the degree of striking them so hard they have brain bleeding, over just reporting what’s going on. They’re not praising communism or outright calling for the end of the US as we know it, embracing anarchy either.

Alex doesn’t want to accept people on the Right are peaceful, law-abiding Americans who can voice their grievances without destroying a city block or two, or setting an entire city a blaze. They have self-control, so much so they even pick up the trash before they leave!

AOC and her unhinged violent ilk don’t do that, even though they rant about saving the planet… so in a nutshell that’s why police were not in full riot gear today.