Biden Will End All Illegal Immigration Detention “Across The Board”


Joe Biden laid out his plans for how he would deal with illegal aliens being held in detention centers under his administration. In a stroke of liberal progressive “genius”, he would eliminate all detention centers, cutting said individuals loose in America with ankle tracking bracelets and a court date! When asked if it would apply to just adults and/ or children he said his plan would apply “across the board”!

There are tens of thousands of illegal aliens being held at detention centers. Many have criminal backgrounds, others are just using children to get into the country, and there are those who pose a risk to public health. This fool wants to set them loose in America on the honor system because NO ONE would ever remove an ankle tracking bracelet and they’re all honorable people who will show up for their immigration hearing!🙄 These people by being in the US have already violated our immigration laws, so there is nothing stopping them from removing their ankle tracking bracelet. Illegals NEVER show up for their hearings, who would!? They can’t read or write, let alone be able to read and write in English, who believe they would show up for a hearing!?

Biden nor the dems care about the impact illegals have on our communities, they actually want it because they know they get power by pandering to them. We can only hope Biden gets the DNC nomination, Pres Trump will have a field day with him on this issue.