NBC News Reporter LIES About Virginia Rally, Demonstrating Why Americans Despise the Media


The media argues they aren’t fake news, not doing the bidding of the democrat party or whatever excuse they can come up with to defend their clear biased “reporting”. Unfortunately for them facts override their truth time after time.

The networks have done their best to paint the Virginia 2A rally coinciding with Lobby Day as a gathering of unhinged, violent, gun-toting right-wingers. Truth is they’re peaceful, law-abiding, patriotic Americans who are protesting the abusive VA state legislature and racist Governor over their tyrannical anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Here we have NBC News correspondent Gabe Gutierrez, who epitomizes the bias, hate and FAKE NEWS we’ve come to expect from the media, as he FALSELY tweeted out Americans reciting the Pledge of Allegiance were doing ‘Chants of “we will not comply” from gun rights protesters in Richmond.’

What kind of IDIOT would write that with video that you can clearly hear the people saying the Pledge!? Is Gutierrez new to America? In a pathetic attempt to cover his ass Gutierrez posted a follow-up video of people chanting “we will not comply” an HOUR AND A HALF+ LATER!

First video was posted at 9:51am, the second 11:32am. If he had the “not comply” clip when it allegedly happened as he reported at 9:51, then why did he wait an hour and half+ later to post the correct video?

Blatant LIES like this are the exact reason why Americans DESPISE the media. Gutierrez is just the first of many today who will lie and paint these people as a threat, justifying the democrat confederacy’s call to disarm Americans.

Give this clown and the media hell America, they deserve every low-blow coming their way not only from you but the President too!

This shit is getting beyond old, do your damn jobs you LIBERAL HACKS in the media and you won’t have to worry about being called a “Y’all a bunch of f*cking liars, you lying pieces of shit.” or having to look over your shoulder.