Waters: “We Will Not Stop, ”There May Be More “Impeachment Activity”


Since Trump was running for POTUS Maxine Waters and the democrat confederacy has been vowing they would impeach and remove him from office. The unhinged Leftist told, DNC media arm, MSNBC they “will not stop” there will be more “impeachment activity”. Why? Because Waters and her ilk KNOW they rushed the impeachment hearings last year, voting to impeach Trump on NON CRIMINAL charges! Bill Clinton was charged with 11 FELONIES, Donald Trump has been charged with Z E R O!

You’ve seen and heard many of them saying there’s nothing stopping them from impeaching Trump repeatedly until they find something that sticks. These people are borderline treasonous at this point.

Let’s be clear, Obstruction of Congress and Abuse of Power ARE NOT crimes. Also keep in mind there was nothing even remotely included from the Mueller investigation because they found NOTHING.


This site has been saying repeatedly the democrat confederacy will never and here you have senior confederate saying exactly that. These people are drunk with the small bit of govt power they hold. If they get both house and God forbid the White House they will do to the country what you’ve seen in California and Virginia.

Speaking of Virginia take note, as soon as the dems had super majority power what was the first thing they started going after before this new session was even sworn in?? The Second Amendment. They’re not addressing Virginia’s economy, healthcare, infrastructure or any real issue, they went after citizens gun rights. That is what Waters and democrats will do if they get total power in DC.

The only ones that can stop the democrats is YOU!