Dem Rep’s Tweet Admits Defeat, Begs For Help to Stop Trump’s Re-Election


Dem Rep Eric Swalwell of California, who has played a direct role in the 3+ year witch hunt/ coup d’état against President Trump has sent a tweet out that can only be interpreted as an admission of defeat. Just hours after Trump’s impeachment legal team completed day 1 of defending the President with actual facts that completely destroy the democrats and entire Left’s narrative, the disgraced Congressman in an act of desperation is begging for “audio recording or other evidence of Donald Trump’s corruption”.

This tweet says it all and should sink Swalwell and other democrat’s political career. He just admitted he and the coup conspirators have nothing on Trump after 3 yrs of an invasive, unjustified investigation and this impeachment attempt is a complete failure. He’s, Swalwell is delusional saying “This is the last year he will be president”, while  begging for someone to come up with something to stop Trump’s re-election!


Trump Deputy Counsel Mike Purpura’s presentation alone smashed 24 LONG hours of democrat impeachment managers feelings, nonsense, unsubstantiated theories and their version of the truth to impeach Trump. It clearly made an impression on people that the dems have nothing, which no doubt caused this clown, Swalwell, to post that desperate tweet.

Purpura’s Full Presentation

3 hours is all it took to shake the democrat party to its core, ver their tantrum for losing the 2016 election by running the worst candidate in history. Swalwell, the coup conspirators and dem party must feel an earthquake Nov 3.