Soros, THE Benefactor of the Democrat Party Attacks Trump, Says Facebook is Conspiring to Re-Elect Him


George Soros the benefactor of the democrat party, also known as the don, Emperor Palpatine, Satan… , spoke at World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, attacked Pres Trump calling him a “conman and the ultimate narcissist”….

He also thinks Facebook(!), the company silencing conservative speech like yours truly, is conspiring with Trump to help him win re-election! Hearing this SOB say this, it now makes sense why so many within the democrat party (Pelosi, Warren, Kamala etc) are out to get Facebook!!

All the nonsense going on in DC trying to remove Trump from office you can be sure this guy, one way or another, is helping via the almighty dollar. Democrats are his whores, and since Trump is threatening to blow up everything they’ve been doing around the world to cede power, control and money to other nations he has financial interests in that hurts this monsters bottom line.  Soros has his hands in every American election from local DA all the way up to the White House. You want to talk election meddling old man Palpatine is public enemy #1.

Listen to him though, he can’t get a thought out without hesitation and trying to find the right words… tick tock