Dem Compares Trump to 9/11 Terrorists & WWII Nazis, Wants Him Removed From Office “No Matter What It Takes”


Democrat House impeachment manager, Hakeem Jeffries piles on and confirms the democrats sole intention with impeaching Pres Trump is to get him out of office, “no matter what it takes”. They don’t care about the damage they’re doing to the country, or their party!

This United States Congressman wants you to take him seriously when he compares Trump to the 9/11 terrorists and nazis from World War II!

“No matter what it takes” means dems will make things up, leave facts out, conspire again with the Deep State to spy on Trump if not concoct fake evidence in the age of Deep Fakes!

The democrat confederacy has nothing on Trump, he has not committed any crimes but Jeffries & co think all they have to do is repeat the same conspiracy theory over and over again, sprinkled with some hate by invoking 9/11 and terrorists. Will it work? Not likely on the Senate GOP, but it will sway clueless uninformed Americans who vote. This kangaroo court is not for you it’s for those people who are not paying attention and vote based on what they hear along the grapevine! That means YOU have to get active, more so than you did in 2016. The democrats need to be exposed for the liars and poor sports they are. This IS about Hillary losing, all of it is. YOU have the power to pay them back by POLITICALLY exterminating the dems in Nov. Or you can do nothing and they take over like they’ve done in states like CA and VA.