ABC’s Stephanopoulos Gives “Kill” Gesture to Cut Away From Trump Impeachment Atty

One of Pres Trump’s impeachment attorneys, Jay Sekulow, was giving the press tough love the democrats really have nothing during an impeachment trial break. ABC’s in house Clinton LACKEY George Stephanopoulos couldn’t handle the truth and signs to the control room with his hand across his throat (slit the throat/ “kill” gesture) to cut away from Sekulow.

You see America these violent unhinged Leftists DO NOT WANT the truth out in any way, shape or form. They have a job to push a narrative, the truth as they see it, and cannot allow any info, THE FACTS, from getting out to those who are uneducated, uninformed and unengaged but vote. You have to keep this in mind at all times, that this impeachment and all the media coverage is not for those of you in-the-know, it’s for the people who don’t know anything except what they hear. People who are too busy to know what’s going on in their country and vote based on what they hear. So if they hear it enough (a lie told over and over again) it must be true especially because it’s coming from The News.

“Well the President must have done something very bad, the House of Representatives impeached him! And then they held a trial in the Senate, but those partisan republicans stuck with him even though The News said there’s evidence against Trump.”

That is how A LOT of Americans think, by people who do not know a damn thing about what is going on. They don’t know about the transcript, or all the people who testified that they know nothing, their testimony is based on what they heard and think. Democrats KNOW THIS, what you’re seeing is propaganda day after day to cast enough doubt in those voters minds against Trump and the GOP with the hopes dems will hold power in the House, capture the Senate and maybe take the White House in Nov.

This little jerk, Stephanopoulos, holds a doctorate in Goebbels Propaganda 101, the last thing he wants is someone smarter than him on air taking a sledgehammer to the narrative he’s been pushing for years!