Warren Blows Off Blue Collar Father Asking “Will I Get My Money Back?” Under Student Loan Forgiveness Plan


Elizabeth Warren, who is pushing Student Loan Forgiveness plan, was confronted by a blue collar father asking about getting back the money he saved, working a double shift, to send his daughter to college. Warren as you know is promising free college education for everyone, but when Mommy Warbucks got called out on the specifics she showed she’s got a black heart, telling the man “NO” he won’t get his money back.

So if Warren gets elected only people going into college (freshman) will get free tuition while everyone else gets buried in massive debt, for a degree that there are no jobs for, and all you have to do is vote for Warren!? Nice quid pro quo, and you can be sure it will never work. If Liz, Sanders or any other commie running for POTUS gets into office with their pyramid economic schemes the US will finally go into the Greatest Depression.

What you have here is Lizzy getting caught in a big scam to get votes. If she is going to have the money available (from where no one knows) to send liberals, who don’t want to work, and give full rides to illegals, why can’t she reimburse hard-working Americans who are paying for this education we’re all being told for decades we have to have to get a job?

Truth is you don’t need a college education, unless you’re seeking a career that truly requires a higher education; ie doctor, lawyer, engineer, biotech, sciences, teacher etc. It’s a trap, they say you need the degree you go and get into debt and then they pander to you they’ll help get your debt down if you support them for office. It’s a nasty vicious cycle that’s been going on forever.

FTR Most of the successful people in the world, billionaires, never finished or went to college. If you have an idea go for it, take the money you’d spend on college and put it into your business idea the odds are even, maybe more in your favor.